Contact Paper to Save the Day

I find that I am always tinkering with my classroom environment.  When one bulletin board set up or furniture arrangement has been there too long, I change it up.  So today, when looking at my powder blue cupboard (and contemplating where I was going to put up my new math board), I set in to cover them with black and create a board there.  HOWEVER, the thought of breaking out the butcher paper, cutting it all down to size, wrapping up the cupboards, stapling it all down...and then having to do it again a few times during the year because of the amount of staple/tape holes there would be was filling me with dread.

But when I opened up my cupboard doors to get the staple gun and scissors was like a light from Heaven shone upon them.  What, you ask, was so amazing???  The contact paper.

I had many rolls left over from when I covered my pencil boxes, that were just stuffed away in the closet. Those rolls are just about the same size as the cupboards.  It is pure genius on my part (if I may humbly say so ;) )  So I started to unroll them, and stick the paper on.
Look at those ugly bubbles.  :(
The genius suddenly left me.  It was so bubbly!  UGH! 

But never fear.....genius strikes when you least expect it...and I had another spark.  I could just stick the top and bottom to the back of the cupboard, and leave the white paper part stuck onto the contact part.  This proved to be the final solution.

5th grade blog, upper grade blogSo I stuck the top to the inside of the cupboard, smoothed it out on the front of the cupboard, and then stuck the bottom to the inside of the cupboard.

stephanie with Teaching in Room 6

Now, I have covered cabinets with paper that I can tape onto without fear of it needing to be replaced in a month or two.  Plus, it is nice and dark....just so nice.  Here is the finished product (with my new math board on it....that isn't finished.  I still need to put some labels and finishing touches.  Don't judge me ;) )


  1. Love them! I did mine this year too.

  2. Pure genius!! - But I'm so curious - What are those math projects hanging there? They look so interesting. Inquiring mind(s?) want to know!

    1. Those are the Time for Math clocks. I will be writing about them tomorrow or the next day (when the board is actually complete ;) )


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