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I love Target.  I go there far too much, and spend far too much money each time I go (I seriously think they put a $150 minimum on all orders there....)  Anyway, the last time I was in, I saw this clock:

I thought it was so cool....and PERFECT for a classroom math project!

Since I am still trying to assess the students' number sense, I decided that they too could create their own clocks, much in the style of my fabulous Target find.  So I had each of them create a graphic organizer for the numbers 1 to 12.  Since I wanted to see how they students manipulate numbers in all different ways, I asked them to  input all different number sentences, with all different operations, into their organizers.  This gave me a feel for those students who really "got" numbers (and were using all different interesting and unique ways to create the given number) as well as those who really didn't have much number sense at all (and were just putting 4 - 3 = 1   5 - 4 = 1 etc...)

It really was interesting to see the creativity that came out in the numbers.  Some of the kids were using simple addition and subtraction.  Others were using tons of simple parentheses.  Still others used exponents, fractions, and decimals.

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We then set about constructing the actual clock.  I used a clock template that I created and made 3 copies.  One at full zoom, one at 85% and one at 65%.  This produced 3 different sized clocks that fit perfectly on top of each other.

Then, I asked the students to choose their favorite three number sentences, preferably different operations and styles, for each clock number to input on the actual clock. 

When all of that was done, the students then set about cutting the flaps up (gave it some dimension that way!), backing, and coloring. They attached the hands and, viola, the project was done!

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They really came out pretty cute!  I put the clocks on the board with "____ Standard Time" underneath, so when you look at all of them, they sort of look like a wall of international clocks all set to different times!

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Though there are errors on this clock, I can still see that the student was "thinking outside of the box" and has a basic grasp of number sense.  The student really tried to use all different operations when creating the clock numbers.
What I really like about this project is that I now have a better idea of where my students stand in the number sense arena.  I can see who really grasped the exponents we learned, who understands fraction concepts, and who is still just sticking with basic facts.  This project has helped me to better group my students for Math Workshop and gave me a better overall feel for my students' number sense as a whole.

If you would like the templates for this project, you can download them all at my TpT store


  1. LOVE this Steph!!! I've seen a picture of the clock you got somewhere (maybe on pinterest??) and thought it would be so cool for a math classroom. I LOVE this idea, and am totally going to do something like this when we study time later this year!

    Runde's Room

    1. Thanks Jen! It is such a cool clock, isn't it? I knew I HAD to do something when I saw it :)

  2. This idea is fabulous! Makes me wish I taught math! I am emailing this blog post to all my math teachers.

    Thinking Out Loud

  3. Wow, Stephanie :) I am loving this project! Looks like the perfect first arty project of the year for me :)

    Fun in Room 4B

  4. I love this project, and can't wait to use it with my 5th graders! I found your blog through the TBTS Grade 3-6 Cross Promotion List and I'm happy to be your newest follower! I'm looking forward to coming back often!
    Amber @ The Teacher Life

  5. I saw this clock this summer, I made my own. I blogged about it here.

    I love that you incorporated it into your class though. What a GREAT idea!

    Hodges Herald

  6. Awesome! I have this clock in my classroom. What a brilliant idea! I'm going to use your idea for an order of operations authentic assessment.


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