Just Add a Die and Wipe Off Board

I am finding that my students really like dice.  They love to use them in any way, shape, or form.  So when I broke them out again to do a little multiplication review....my students cheered.


This is not really a game.  There were no winners or losers.  There was just some dice and a wipe off board.  When I brought those out, my students cheered.



So anyway, here is the super simple little "game" we did in class.  I had the students draw 6 spots out on their wipe off boards.  Three on top, and three on the bottom....forming a sort of multiplication problem.  It looked like this:

___   ____   ____

x___  ____  ____

Then, the students each took turns rolling one die.  Whichever number came up, both students put the number on their own wipe off board.  It was up to each individual to decide where to put it (ala THIS game).  When all spaces were filled in, the students solved their own problem.

That is it.


There was no winner or loser.  I didn't want them to be racing.  I just wanted them to practice their multiplication of greater numbers.  And since they were using a die and wipe off board, they were in seventh heaven.  I was able to walk around and help with any misconceptions or errors, and the students were thoroughly entertained.   It was really a great little review time.

Literally ;)


  1. Thanks for the idea! I will have to try it!

  2. This is a great alternative to having everyone working on the same problem that the teacher came up with! Thanks for sharing!

    Thinking Out Loud

  3. I think I will use this to practice division tomorrow! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh, I would be interested to hear how it goes with division. (would you use remainders or decimals?) Please come back and report tomorrow!

  4. I do something very similar (lower level of course)! Don't you love when cheap old dice excite students? :)

  5. I love when the little things work like a snap! I hope you're having a great week :)

  6. where did you find those wipe off boards. They look cheaper than using white lap boards and easier to store.

  7. Crazy! This same activity (Although 3 by 2) is in my plans for this week too. Yay for dice!

  8. You make me want to teach math. And I don't want to teach math. :)


  9. That looks like so much fun!!! You've inspired me to break out the dice for a fun place value activity tomorrow. I've been wanting to make some dry-erase boards for my class, too. Maybe this weekend ...

    Runde's Room

  10. Great, simple way to practice! And I looooove those Smart Pals. The kids do, too.


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