Pinecone Parent Holiday Gift

Creating holiday gifts for the parents of my 5th graders is probably the most stressful part of December for me.   I want them to have something that is really great and fun, but I also want it to take as little time as possible from the academics that we really do need to cover.  So this year, when a fantastic parent of mine volunteered to help with the project, I jumped on it!

She had a great idea to create little ornaments out of pinecones.  She walked her neighborhood, found pinecones, and brought in a few for each student.

The kids painted them either white or green, then decorated with sparkles, sequence, or other colors of paint.  They used tempra paint, so it was something we already had at school....and they came out AWESOME!

Here are a few. 

We then added a little ribbon hook and a sign that said "Happy Holidays 2014" or a more specific holiday greeting if they wished.  (I don't have pictures of that...sorry!)

These took about a day to complete.  We started in the morning, to paint the pinecones and let them dry.  Then, in the afternoon, we glued the sequins and glitter on.  I let those dry overnight before wrapping them up.

What holiday gift do you have planned for this year?


  1. I love this idea. I have a tendency to over think this every year. One of my favorites is a cookbook. I have students bring in a recipe of one of their favorite things their mom/dad/grandma make. We compile them all in a cookbook. All done at school, easy and cheap. I have even done a different version where they have done a favorite Christmas cookie cook book. If the kids don't bring one, I just have them find something yummy on-line and add that recipe. My Christmas morning breakfast comes from one of the cook books I made years ago with a class!

    1. Oh my gosh! I love that idea! Thank you for sharing :)


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