Managing Our Class Supplies

In my class, the students have two sets of supplies -- individual and communal.  I find that having a set of shared items makes like easier for me and having some individual ones, makes like easier for them (which, in turn, makes life easier for me ;))

Each student has a pencil box with the essential items that they need.  Things like pencils, crayons, their Walking Classroom Walkit, the Classroom Procedure manual, and their reading book.  They also are allowed to keep scissors and a few other things that they may need, as long as the box doesn't overflow.

The communal cubby, which is housed on the center desk in the group, has rulers, a tissue box, glue bottles, and extra crayons.  This is stuff that the entire table shares.  It is also things that don't get used all that often, so don't need a space in the box, but still need to be available to the kids.

How do you manage your student supplies?  Do they have their own things or do they share everything? 


  1. I love how you organized this Stephanie! We share supplies at our tables and use drawers for individual supplies (since we don't have desks). I like how you include tissues too, I never thought to do that--thanks!

  2. I teach 6th grade math and always struggle to have all my students bring pencils for class. It seems like they always forget, run out, lose, etc. their pencil. This time of year it starts to drive me crazy! I'd love to hear people's thought/ideas if there is a good system!


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