The Day AFTER Halloween

Yesterday was quite the day for us all in Teacherland, wasn't it?  Halloween AND Friday (which I guess is better than Halloween and a Monday ;))  Anyway, I thought for my Currently with Farley, I would share some pictures of yesterday's festivities to inspire you for next year.
We started the day with Dry Ice experiments.  I promise, we were all very safe with gloves and eye goggles. (the million warnings about not touching the dry ice also helped ;) ) The kids had SO SO SO much fun.  Seriously...they loved it.  All of the science connections we made, all of the investigations, all of the smoke!  It truly was a blast.

At school we have a pumpkin contest.  Here is the pumpkin that my daughter and I entered.  It is our school mascot.  I think I love it :)

A classroom parent came in to teach the students how to make this fun little spider craft.  It was CRAZY EASY.  Four pipe cleaners (cut in half) and a lollipop.  The kids twist the pipe cleaners around the lollipop, bend them into legs and, viola, they have a spider!  The kids had so much fun with this little gem of a project.

For the Halloween Parade, my team and I dressed up as a huge weather map.  You see, we have to teach the kids how to read weather maps, about warm fronts and cold fronts, high and low pressure.  So, being the conscientious teachers we are, we made our costume standards based.  We figured, why not make Halloween a learning opportunity?!  ;)  Hee Hee
Do you see the blonde with the blue high pressure front?   That's the Panicked Teacher :)

And, finally, here I am.  I wore this shirt all day long.

So that was my Halloween.  How was yours?


  1. The weather map costumes are GREAT!!!! And I love that Halloween 5th Grade Teacher shirt. Did you get it off facebook??

    1. Thank you Melissa! I ordered the shirt at Cafe Press. Just google the entire text and it will come up :)

  2. Fun! So clever using dry ice. We had a min. day. The rain held off until lunchtime, and after the kids left it poured! Perfect timing that conferences were done for the week. Not a lot of time in the classroom, just enough to go over a Halloween Grammar thing, do a little pumpkin comprehension, have a parade, eat a cupcake, watch a little Casper, and do some etch art. Then the kids left and I collapsed. :)

    1. I collapsed too....and then went to Disneyland this morning ;) I like to torture my body with draining activities. haa haa

  3. I love the costumes! Way to make Halloween educational!

    Krazy Town

  4. Oh my GOODNESS- I LOVE your shirt! I teach fifth, too. Where did you get it?? Talk about a perfect team Christmas gift!!

    Caffeine and Lesson Plans

  5. I love the science experiments. My fourth graders would love them.
    Artistry of Education

  6. What a fun day! The kids will be talking about that day for a long time to come!

  7. We took our kiddos on a field trip to the pumpkin patch on Halloween so that we wouldn't have to deal with trying to keep them calm at school! Your experiments with dry ice look amazing!
    Funky Fresh Firsties

  8. Hi Stephanie! Your Halloween sounds like so much fun! I love your weather map team costumes! NICE! One of my most fun (impromptu) 4th grade math lessons happened used a weather map on my SMART Board, some weather graphics, and I video taped (on my phone) my students giving the weather forecast. Students watched their movies after their conferences. Keep up the fun lessons!
    Heather from Mrs. Renz’ 4th Grade Class


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