15 Halloween Costume Ideas for Teachers

Halloween is just around the corner and, if you are anything like me, you are searching and searching for the perfect costume to wear to school.  I mean, it has to be something comfortable, relatively affordable (read: cheap) and easy to put on after lunch before the parade.  So I asked my friends, both in my network of teacher friends and on Facebook in our Teaching in Room 6 community, if they had any ideas for costumes that fit that bill, and here is what they came up with.

Now, if you teach preschool, I KNOW you know who this is.  Or if you have toddlers around the house these costumes might ring a bell too.  Well, this particular year, each of us had toddlers hogging up the TV, so we dressed up like DJ Lance and the gang.  Can you spot me?

What a wonderful peacock Heather, from Teach It Today makes!  Just a tutu and some feathers created this easy costume.

This middle school team from Oregon decided to go as the Duck Dynasty gang last year.  They nailed it! 

I love this one from Barbara at The Corner on Character.  Her team dressed as characters from Alice in Wonderland.  I think this is awesome!

Another great team idea comes from Barbara as well.  It is the Wizard of Oz, brought to life in Halloween costumes!  

Ari, from The Science Penguin, shows her love of science in this Hip Ms. Frizzle costume. A black tutu and some space ornaments is all she needed.
This is a great team costume, made from butcher paper!  Super cute and super affordable.  Thank you Daniella S. for submitting this Ms. Pac Man themed costume.

Fancy Nancy showed up at Krystal, the Good Enough Teacher's school.  (she REALLY loves Fancy Nancy!)

Shannon S. is Viola Swamp.  She said this was less than $10 for the nose...and that was all she had to pay for.  Everything else was in her closet!

 Bridget wore this one a few years in a row.  It is perfect for school and very recognizable too!

Shannon B. posted this picture of her school team dressed as Minions.  Yellow hoodie and overalls...and you have it covered!

Really good use of things on hand for this jellyfish costume from Mercedes at Surfing to Success.  Streamers and an umbrella are all you need for this eye-catching ensemble. 

How cute is this costume?  Jen M. said that all they did was print off the masks from the computer and wrap themselves up in blankets!

Molly, from Lessons with Laughter, dressed up as a Book Fairy!  What a perfectly fitting school ensemble :)
Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf are a popular duo for Halloween.  Katie from KTP on TPT shared this picture of the fairy tale characters with us.

And there you have it!  Some amazingly fun, witty, and fabulous costumes you can recreate this year.  What have you gone as in the past?  Any pictures you care to share??

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  1. Cool ideas, it is my first year that I will experience dressing up in school. I am a Teacher Candidate and I'm excited to dress up in a costume. I am looking for an comfortable and affordable costume, I need to get creative!

    The Learning Educator

  2. I love Molly's book fairy costume!! More than the costumes, I love the groups because they show such camaraderie among the teachers!


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