End of the Year Happenings in Room 6

We are officially on countdown to the summer.  My 5th graders have all been accepted to their middle schools and, well, have already transitioned in their minds ;)  So we have been doing some things in class that keep up the rigor, but allow them a bit of fun.

Hands-On Equations

Have you tried this program?  Seriously, it is just fabulous.  I went to the training for it a few years back (maybe 10???) and was given a kit to use in my room.  I have used it every year since.  This is a hands-on way to get kids familiar and comfortable with linear equations.  The kids are so engaged when we are doing it.  They work together, are focused, and learn!  (as an added bonus, the lessons are already done for me, so I just have to "show up and teach" with it)  Here is a bit more information about the program itself.  (there is actually a free webinar about it coming up on May 23!)

Root Word Eggs

My kids are so into this lesson this year!  Here is where I wrote in great detail about how to set it up, but basically, the kids are forming words using the roots they have learned over the course of the year and they are LOVING it!  Due to time issues, this has lasted an entire week...and they keep asking me when we are going to take out the baskets!  Click over to the original post so you can read about it, and pick up the freebie recording sheet to do it yourself.

Summer Poet-Trees

We JUST started these, but already, the kids are getting into it.  They really do like learning about the different poetry styles (since we have done a few different poet-trees over the course of the year).  These are extra special because the kids get to be "funny" (well, you know how funny goes in 5th grade ;)  hee hee)  The trees are also getting them into the summer mood....so things are pretty fun and jolly right now during writing time.  You can get the Poet-Tree templates at my TpT store here.

A Word of Advice

Last year, I decided to forgo the typical "letter to the incoming class" in favor of this little folded book.  It was AWESOME!  Not only did it take up half the time, but the students were really into the format.  Folding paper makes everything awesome (as I have learned repeatedly this year!)  It is available here. 

Time to Wave Goodbye

Last year, we created these beauties to say goodbye to one of the ladies who worked in the office.  This year, we are writing them to say goodbye to our friends.  I am having the kids write what they would like to say to their classmates during these last few weeks of elementary school.  We are in the brainstorming phase now...I will let  you know how they turn out!  Click here to see how to put these together.

Culmination Practice

How can we forget this??  We are going with the "Oh, the Places You'll Go" theme again this year.  I really, really love this theme.  It is just so accessible to the students and it matches the fact that the kids are just at the beginning of their lives.  They have so many "places to go!"  We are doing much of what I wrote about in this post.  What is changing though is that we are writing about the places we will go on these super cute little balloons.  We will then post them around the backstops on the playground for the parents to read.  If you go to the original post, you can get a freebie copy of the script we are using.

So that is what is keeping us busy during these last few weeks of school.  What are you doing?


  1. Love the "time to wave goodbye" activity. Very cute...letting our fifth graders go can be tough...
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

  2. I used your folded "Word of Advice" note last year and it's already in the plans again for this year! You have a busy few weeks ahead of you. Happy end of the year;)

    Fun in Room 4B

  3. I just started Hands on Equations with my 5th graders! They love it!
    We are going to do the ABCs of 5th grade. I'll use it as a Meet the Teacher and Welcome to 5th bulletin board.
    Love the waving goodbye to 5th. Super cute!
    Fabulous Fifth Grade Fun

  4. Wonderful collection of ideas and memory activities. Hands on equations looks great, it must be like an algebra program

  5. LOVE the Time to Wave Goodbye activity!! Definitely pinning for next year :) Have a wonderful end to your year!

    3rd Grade Thoughts


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