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I have comprehension on the brain this week (probably because we are on the last minute crunch until The TEST).  So here is another little strategy I use to help facilitate an overall understanding of the reading selection.

Reading Comprehension Upper GradesDiscussion is such an important part of getting to the heart of the reading, but I have found that the kids are just reluctant to come to the table "cold".  They like to have their thoughts worked out so that there is something to say.  So, to help them out, I started giving the kids a Strategy Log at the beginning of each selection.  On the Log, the students would think about their reading and how they applied the strategies.  Then, during our reading discussion at the end of the week, the students would bring the Log with them (in addition to their book) so that they would have a basic outline of what *could* be discussed.

Reading Comprehension

The students wouldn't always follow the Log, but I did find that it served two purposes.
1)  The discussions got off the ground faster as they had something to actually talk about.
2)  Even if the student didn't feel comfortable participating in the discussion (or there was something barring us from having a discussion that week, like, earthquake...true story!!), I would have their thoughts and ideas written down to read on my own.

These Strategy Logs just added another dimension to our reading.  It also held the students accountable to using the strategies...and their brains ;)

Here is a copy for you.  Enjoy!


  1. Great form for students to track their thinking and get themselves prepared for a whole group discussion...thanks for sharing! =)

  2. Great form. Thanks for sharing. I "starred" this item in my Google reader and am just now coming back to it...I'm glad I did since our test is looming..........

    Fun in Room 4B

  3. I love this strategy log. I have found many good resources on your site. I'm your newest follower.


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