Comprehension Stem Posters

When we are discussing the reading selection, I find it helpful if the students have sentence stems to look at during the whole group discussion.  Having stems such as "I would like to make a prediction about....." or "While I was reading, I made a connection to ....." help the students focus on the heart of the reading, as well as give them the confidence that their contributions to the discussion are valuable.

Teaching in Room 6  5th Grade
 Here are some posters that I have out in my room during our discussions that you may find useful.  I have done many different things with these (blow them up and hang them on the wall, project on the doc cam, back and laminate and just put them on the floor in the middle of our circle for discussion, hang them on the white board and then take them down)  Use them how you feel would most benefit your students.  You can even shrink them down and create a little booklet for them to have at all times.

Well, that was short and sweet (I know...totally NOT like me!  haa haa)

Have you used sentence stems during discussions?  How do they work for you?  Any to add to the mix?

For another Comprehension strategy I use in my class, head over to my guest blog post on the Organized Classroom Blog.  I wrote about the Strategy Fans each of my students have.


  1. I love your posters!!!! I have been using these strategies for comprehension and can't wait to try your sentence stems!

  2. I love these!!!! My district has actually spent a lot of money and time on Sheltered Instruction strategies that were developed by John Seidlitz. They are geared towards our ELL and ESL population, but I have discovered how great the strategies are for all of my kiddos. One of the strategies is encouraging students to speak in complete sentences so I am constantly using sentence stems to help them form their answers and create their writing. I am for sure going to have to start using these great posters too!!!

    Miss Klohn
    Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

  3. Thank you, Stephanie. These will be very useful.

  4. These are awesome!! Thank you for sharing:)

  5. I love these posters! I've found that sentence stems are extremely helpful with my remedial reading students. I use prompt cards and popsicle stick prompts with my small groups to help them with their thinking during reading. Students who struggle with reading comprehension benefit greatly from having these thinking "springboards." Nice job on the posters! I'm a huge fan of your resources and blog! :)

    Kristin (MsJordanReads)

    Reading Writing Thinking Sharing

  6. I love these! Thank you for sharing!


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