Spring is here!!

With spring in full bloom, I thought I would post about our little art project we did just the other day.  My class was in charge of the outside bulletin boards in our auditorium this for this month, and we decided to go with a spring theme.  I was literally stumped (since I had SO much else to do...with testing fast approaching)  Then, my dear friend Kristin posted this amazing photograph she snapped while on a run outside of her house.

Teaching in Room 6  5th Grade

Gorgeous, eh?  The second I looked at it, I knew that we could recreate it in class....sort of.

Teaching in Room 6  5th Grade
After showing the students the picture (and they were equally as take aback by the prettiness of the pink flowers against the blue sky), I gave them a piece of white paper.  I had them color the branches of the tree, coming out of the side of the paper, using a brown crayon.  Once there were a sufficient amount of branches (each child decided that on their own), they painted the background with blue watercolor.  I love how this part came out.  Depending upon how much water and paint they used, the backgrounds were all shades of blue.  It made for a real varied set of paintings.

Once the paint had dried, the students choose two different colors of tissue paper, which I had precut into squares.  Using the end of their pencil, they stuck the eraser side into the middle of the paper, dipped it in glue, and glued the tissue onto the branches to form flowers.  (all of my students knew how to do this, as I am positive it is something they have done in 1st and 2nd grade ;) )  The result were some really simple, yet beautiful life-inspired pictures.

Here are a few of my favorites.
Teaching in Room 6   5th GradeTeaching in Room 6  5th GradeTeaching in Room 6  5th GradeTeaching in Room 6  5th Grade

When hanging all together, they really do pop.  They are so simple, yet make such a statement.  I am so happy with the way these projects came out.

 What art projects have you done that were inspired by something else? 


  1. I love the look of these. In sixth grade I had to make a tissue paper "flower" flag of Argentina--on 12 x 18 construction paper! It took an eternity.
    This is a much more reasonable request--and the result is much more beautiful--and much less likely to convince your kids to avoid visiting South American countries.

    I'll be trying this one too! Thanks for the idea...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. These pictures look great. Sometimes the simplest things look the best, don't they! I imagine they must look fantastic enmasse with the vibrant colours!

    We are going into Autumn in Australia but maybe we could make the blossoms anyway - they would really brighten up my room!

    Thanks for the inspiration

    The Learning Curve

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  4. These are really beautiful. We made Colorado flags this year with tissue paper (about 5x7) and they took my meticulous 4th graders forever! (I think there might be one or two still not finished!). Love your idea!

  5. These are really cute. A method that love to use for painting branches is to use a straw. You start with a glob of paint and then blow through the straw to push the paint around. Doing it this way allows even kids to paint more realistic looking branches. Plus kids love blowing through straws. :)

  6. Beautiful!!! How do you have time to teach art along with all the other things you do:) I hope those kids know how lucky they are to have a teacher like you.



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