Picture Book SEL: 5 Lessons for 5 Days

Picture Book SEL

To say this year hasn't been rough so far would be a lie.  It truly has been the hardest start of a teaching year that I have had in my 24 years of teaching.  Coming off of a year of distance learning, sitting behind a computer alone and on their own, has proven to be hard on the kids.  As they are trying hard to transition into the rules and norms of school, things are not falling into place as they usually do.  So this year, I am consciously placing A LOT more social-emotional learning into my everyday lessons.  

While I am pretty good at academic pursuits, and focusing on the standards, SEL hasn't always been a strong point.   I admit I am not the strongest at pulling specific SEL lessons into my room, but here are my first 5 attempts at pulling it into my daily routine and lessons.  (I wrote them in several blog posts so that you can read the ones that interest you.  Just click on the link for more detail.)

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