Easy Teacher DIY: Student Word Display Stands

I love the look I have dubbed "Student Work Threw Up in my Room".  It is where everything that is displayed on the bulletin boards and around the room is reflective of the work that the students are doing.  Sometimes, though, the bulletin boards aren't enough.  I want to display their work on cabinets or even on their desk (for Open House.)  So I had to get creative several years ago and made these display stands from a stencil a colleague gave to me.

They are so cute and really do the job of highlighting the student work, wouldn't you agree??  I get asked about these time and time again when they show up in pictures (like the one above) so I thought I would FINALLY write about how they are made.  You won't believe how easy they are....really.

You will need:  
*  tagboard in any color (the heavier the better)
*  a stencil (you can find a good one here....just enlarge it to 128% before printing)
*  scissors

Once you have those materials, fold the tag in half.  Align the stencil to the folded edge of the tag. Cut it out around the stencil, and viola, you have the stand!

I told you it was easy ;)  

If you are a more visual person, I made a 15 second video on TikTok showing how to make it here.  Just click and you should be able to see it (and leave a comment if you can...I would love to know what you think!)

Have you ever made these before?  Any other tips for those who haven't made them?

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