Polygon Scavenger Hunt...on ZOOM!

Students practice finding figures that have the proper attributes of each polygonWe have still been living in the land of polygons in math.  (if you want to see the other things we have done so far, you can click here)  In third grade, they basically need to know the attributes of quadrilaterals, identifying them.  But, in order to get them to recognize quadrilaterals, they need to see what ALL of the basic polygons are.  So today, I did something quick and fun, that got the kids thinking about the different attributes of the polygons we were learning.  We did a Polygon Scavenger Hunt!
It was super easy to do.  While we were together on Zoom, I told them we were going to get up and move.  I was going to tell them an object to find, they would find it, and bring it back to show me on the screen. 

The cheers, gasps, and surprised faces were amazing to see on that Zoom screen!

Having the kids find objects that fit the attributes of the different polygons is a fun way to get them looking at shapes.Using this sheet here, I told them the first object I wanted them to find....a quadrilateral.  Now, I KNOW that quadrilaterals are 2D shapes.  My kids know that.  BUT for the purposes of our scavenger hunt, 3D objects that had one face that represented the shape was find.  I made sure they knew what they were looking for, and the kids were off.

The kids were so fun to watch!  They were running around their rooms, taking the laptops outside, scrambling around to find the perfect quadrilateral!  They would come back, hold the object up to the screen, get a little praise from me, and we would move on.  It was fun and they got to show what they knew about the different polygons and angles.

And that was that!  Nothing too mind blowing BUT it had a huge effect on the moral of my class.  We got to do something fun and engaging and the kids were all smiles....while still practicing their math skills.  

Have you done something like this in your class?  I would love to hear about it!

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  1. I love this idea! I have class meetings each week, and I've been looking for something to get them more engaged. We are currently working on fractions, and I think I'll have them go and get a set of objects. Then they can share some fractions related to the sets. FUN! Thanks for the inspiration.
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