Getting a Little PE In -- Distance Learning Edition

Ways to help your students with physical education during remote teaching and distance learning.Admittedly, teaching PE is not my strong point.  In fact, if you search this blog, you would be lucky to find a handful of posts even mentioning it.  That doesn't mean I don't teach it, but that I am not necessarily the most creative when doing it.  
Here in CA we are required to teach 200 minutes of PE every two weeks.  It is the only subject with specified minutes for us, as elementary school teachers, to actually instruct.   So, in my attempt to fulfill that requirement (which our governor specifically mentioned we had to do), I created this PE Log for my kids.  

Recording physical activity (PE) during distance learning on Google Classroom.It is SUPER simple.  On the right, I listed a BUNCH of activities that would fall under the PE standards for the students.  Their instruction is to do one or more of those activities.  They can do other things too, but those are just the ones I suggested.  On the left, the kids log their minutes participating in said activities.  

And that is it.  

Each week, I send out the log, post some discussion points on Google Classroom to get them talking about other activities they might have to share, and am done.  My kids get to move around a bit, taking a much needed break from their more mind-taxing work.  

How are you attempting to get PE in during this time of remote learning?


  1. Your log does not seem to be working when I click on it :(

    1. Is it working for you now? I modified the settings. Hopefully you will be able to access it!


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