Book Display Chains

I am always trying to find new ways to get books into the hands of my students.   I have a huge library full of great novels, but sometimes they get lost in the shelves.  Kids just don't notice them all because of the volume of books available.  So this year, I came up with a way to allow the students to notice those hidden books and get their hands on them --- Book Display Chains.

The idea is basic and simple.   I have this space under my whiteboard that was empty.  So I bought four of these Three By Three Seattle Chained-Up Ball with Chain Photo Display, Silver (41108) 
from Amazon (this is my affiliate link) and hung them on the wall.  Then, I placed between 5 and 6 books on each chain.  The books just hung there on the chain, prominently on display.  
When a student wanted to read the book, they simply walked up to the chain, took it off, and walked back to their seat to read.  I then would replace the book with another from my library that needed a little spotlight love.  The student, when finished reading the book that was grabbed from the chain, would place that book back in our library.
And that is it.  I found that by having this chain display, the students truly were reading books that they wouldn't have otherwise.  This really did help to highlight lesser known books and I really love it for that.  If you would like to see this in use (by me ;) ) you can watch this video here on my IGTV.

Have you ever used any type of display system like this?  What was it?  Please share below!

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