Book Graffiti Poster

Easy to do end of the year book project in upper elementary.The year is winding to an end and I wanted to share a very easy end of the year reading project with you.  I called it a "Book Graffiti Poster" (for no real reason other than that is what came out of my mouth at the time) and it was quite successful in my class.  The whole thing took about an hour to do, so it is perfect for the end of the year when you have some time to fill and want to keep it academic.

I asked the kids to take out a blank piece of paper and fold it into fourths.  We then reviewed the 8 novels we had read as a class together and I asked them to pick the four they connected with the most.

5th grade students create a "graffiti wall" that tells about one of the books that was read together as a class.On each of the fourth rectangles, the students were to create a "graffiti" style wall using pictures AND words that depicted the books they chose.  The students were asked to draw the title decoratively then add pictures and words that represented the book, what it meant to them, quotes, images from their visualizations...anything that popped out to them about the book.
Here are a few of the pages.  

SUPER EASY project for the end of the year in 4th or 5th grade.  Great way to get the kids to review the books they read.

Those who finished before the others were asked to turn the paper over and do the same with 4 books that they personally read for the year.  

All in all, it was an easy and worthwhile project to do.  The kids were talking about their book choices throughout the work session, debating why they thought the ones they chose were the best.  The kids were digging into the plot lines and themes with their discussions.  It was a great way to reflect on and review what we had read all year.

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