Growth Mindset I Am Poems

5th graders wrote I Am poems about growth mindset.We have been working with the idea of growth mindset all year long so as a "final" recap project, I wanted the kids to do a little reflective writing.  Using an "I Am" Poem template, the kids wrote their own I Am poems with a growth mindset twist.

Now, there are hundreds of "I Am" Poem templates online to choose from.  I happened to use this one here, but you can use any of them.  I didn't make copies, rather, I did a sort of "guided writing" with the kids.  I wrote the sentence stem on the board and then did my own example.  Since I wanted them to write with a growth mindset twist, I modeled that for them.  

I am a hard worker who strives to learn all I can.
I try to keep in mind that if I don't get it the first time, I will if I try again.
I hope that I will never lose my ability to persevere.  

Using an I Am poem to write growth mindset poems.After I modeled, the kids were then able to write that particular line on their own.  We did this for the first half of the poem.  Then I wrote the rest of the sentence stems and they were off to write independently.  
To display the poems (which really did show a great deal of reflection and focus on a growth mindset), I gave the students an outline of a lightbulb.  Using a concrete poem style, the students wrote their entire "I Am" poem around the outline so that, when it was complete, the lightbulb shown through the words.  
Fifth graders using reflective writing to talk about how they exhibit growth mindset.

I took a pic of the kids "holding" the lightbulb and then they drew themselves somewhere, anywhere, where they would have to have a growth mindset to succeed.  
Fun way for 5th graders to be reflective and artistic at the same time using growth mindset.

All in all, this came out just as I was envisioning. It was reflective, academic, and a tad bit fun.  The kids enjoyed it and loved reading each others' work.  


  1. Such an awesome idea! I look forward to trying it out this upcoming school year. Thank you for sharing the process!

  2. What are "the rest of the sentence stems "?

  3. Love this! I will be teaching fifth grade for the first time next year- looking for exactly this kind of thing to engage my writers. Thank you!

  4. We have been working with the idea of growth mindset all year long so as a "final" recap project, I wanted the kids to do a little reflective writing. Using an.


  5. Do you think this would also work for a beginning of the year project to start off the year with a more positive attitude? I love this project so much! Also, did you use any light bulb template?

    1. I just found a lightbulb template online and blew it up to the size of a piece of paper :)

  6. I love this! How big of a lightbulb did you use for kids? was there a template you found to be most helpful?

    1. The lightbulb was just a piece of clipart I found online and blew up to the size of an 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper.


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