Dear Teacher in the Prime of Your Career

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Dear Teacher in the Prime of Your Career,

Well, you are finally here, that sweet spot in this journey we call teaching.  You have made it through those tumultuous first few years (that you didn't even know were tumultuous until you were through them) and have landed in this place where everything is just....easier.   Not to say that it is easy by any means, but now you are able to cope better with what is being thrown at you.  Your confidence in your abilities has grown, enabling you to take everything in stride, knowing that whatever you do, children will benefit and grow.

When you walk into your classroom each morning, it feels like your second home.  You have spent so much time there, that everything is just comfortable.  To make things so comfortable, you have  carefully curated it over years and years of begging, borrowing, and buying.  While the buying in bulk may have slowed down, you are still always on the lookout for a deal and love when Scholastic has their books on sale for $1.  You know all of the stores that give teacher discounts and aren't afraid to ask if you aren't sure.  You frequent the Dollar Spot at Target and are an expert at repurposing.  All of this has helped you create a space you want to be in for years of your life.

You have seen this profession change more times than you can count, but you also know that with each change comes a chance to try something new and expand your bag of tricks.  You scour blogs and try new things in your room constantly.  You look at trends and take what you know will work, try out things that you aren't sure about, and leave the ideas that are really just a flash in the pan.  But even with all of the experimentation and risk-taking,  you still have some great tried and true lessons that you know will be a hit with any and all classes.  You keep those at your disposal and are able to adapt them to the ever-changing needs of your students.  Your experience serves you well.

But now, teacher in the prime of your career, as you move on into the twilight of your career, you must keep up that momentum you have built.  Keep moving forward, learning, and growing.  Keep the students in the forefront as you adapt to an ever-changing environment in this world we call teaching.  Things will keep moving.  Things will keep changing.  But, if experience is anything, you will adapt just fine.

Who is also in her Prime

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  1. You pretty much nailed it! I'm not sure I was yet in my "prime" after seven years in the classroom, but it was beginning to feel like it! Thanks for letting me know what else I have to look forward to. Above all, I think my budget likes that I'll finally be able to cut back on all of the spending. ;)
    ~Heather aka HoJo~

    1. My spending is SO much less than it used to be, that's for sure! (My husband is also excited about that one ;))

  2. Beautifully written! I am so happy to finally feel comfortable and feel as if I'm truly in the prime of my career!

    Life As I Know It

    1. It is the comfort level of it all that I am most happy about. I love having my "bag of tricks"!

  3. What a great post Stephanie! As a teacher getting a bit closer to retirement I see a lot of similarities in our journeys.

    Hanging Around In Primary

  4. So much of this I could relate to! Great Post! Thanks for sharing!
    (Although I'm still pretty newbie-ish with only going into my 5th year)

  5. Hi there! I stumbled upon your stuff on Pinterest and just love all your ideas! I'm a new SDC 4/5 teacher this year and of course have been overwhelming myself with all the stuff I want to do, but I really have reigned it in and will be incorporating them into my first weeks! I am so excited to have found you and your site. My only question is that I am teaching 4th and 5th grade and most of your stuff is designated for specifically 5th grade or 4th grade, if there a way to edit it to say 4th/5th grades?


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