End of the Year Math and Art (and a little Memory Page too!)

OK...so I have started this post about 5 times, only to erase the sentence and begin again.  It is the end of the year, and this year, with me leaving for maternity leave and all of the new requirements with CCSS, etc....it has just been one of those years that leave me mentally drained.  So, I know if I am feeling this way, my kids are too.

They have done so well this year, giving it their all with the new standards and new expectations, that I wanted them to keep with the high level and quality of work, while still having a little time to relax.  So I created this little Math Mat Glyph for them to use.

If you were around Room 6 last year, you probably read this post about the Math Mats I made for fractions and multiplication.  The kids followed a path of their choosing, solving math problems along the way, then drawing a scene with pictures corresponding to the answers to the problems.  But this year, I wanted them to have a little time to think about their year as a whole.  So I made an End of the Year themed one for the kids.

This time, instead of just creating a scene based on the math problems they completed, the students wrote about memorable times, or significant events that occurred this year. 

Not only did my kids get a little CCSS math review in, but they did some art, and created a memory page to add to the yearbook all at the same time!  A win-win for everyone involved!

If you would like to do this too, you can download the pack for free in my store.  It has a page for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade....all CCSS math review.  :)  Enjoy!

(and if you download and love it, I wouldn't be mad if you left me some feedback about it ;) )


  1. Thanks for the end of the year freebie!!! It's always a struggle to figure out what to do those last few days! Can't wait to use this!

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  3. Love this activity so much! Thank you!


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