A Different Take on Bulletin Board Borders

I am over my ribbon borders on my bulletin boards.  I mean, they are cute and all but I am just over them.  I needed something new to replace the borders so I decided I would go "thematic."

The first board that I changed out was a board with my students' A Day in the Life "photo journals" that they just completed.  I cut up long sentence strips down to 7" long.   I asked the kids to think about one activity that people would do during a day in colonial times.

They then wrote that activity on the sentence strip piece and colored around it, filling in the piece entirely.  I stapled the pieces around the board and, viola, a new bulletin board border!

I have to tell you, in person, this looks awesome!  It gives more information to the passerby detailing what it actually inside the work being displayed as well as gives a bit of "differentness" to the board itself.  I am now in the process of doing this will all of my boards.  I really, really love how it looks!

What is something you have done for the borders on your bulletin board that you love and would like to share?

(and I have to say, I am impressed with how short and sweet this post is!  If you follow this blog, you know that short and sweet is NOT my thing ;) )


  1. I have a surfing theme in my classroom. I created a flip-flop template and a surfboard template. On the first days of school, students color them to reflect their own personality and they become my bulletin board borders for the year!

    1. What a cute idea! Thank you for sharing with us :)


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