Long Term Sub.....Getting Myself Ready

I have been arguably the worst blogger in the world lately.  I mean, it's been....what?  3 weeks since my last post???   Sheesh!  I don't think I have ever gone that long without posting *something*!  Well, here I am with my something.

I have been preparing my students and my classroom for my imminent departure, trying to get it all settled so that there is some semblance of normalcy in my absence.  Routines and procedures are in place with my kids.  They pretty much know the expectation and are abiding by it (plus, they really are great kids this year.)   So to keep all of that going, I made a "Long Term Sub Binder" for the teacher who will be in my room for the next three-ish months.

Basically, I tried to lay out all that she would know in order to function as me.  I know she is a credentialed teacher, and will do things her own way, but I can *try* to have her do things as I would, right?

So the rest of this post is going to be pictures of the binder I put together.  Be forewarned.....this is VERY pic heavy!  :)
The beginning of the binder just lays out the basic things my sub will need in order to navigate the curriculum, assessment, and student work.  These are the BASIC things, such as what units need to be taught and how to assess the kids. 

All schedules that the sub will need are included here in this section.  Our basic daily schedule, the specials schedules, lab schedules, aide schedules....anything with the word "schedule" after it!  :)

Here is where I describe how I do discipline in the class.  Since I use a classroom economy solely, I describe that. 

I put samples of how we fill things in (things like comprehension and our morning work) so that the substitute is ready to go with all of those "regular" things we do.

I also added a section of all the things we do for homework, since that is an on-going thing as well.

Here are the docs for you.  The picture dividers are NOT editable (as I am not that advanced in my skills with Power Point *just* yet.)  But they are as generic as possible for you to use in making your own sub binder/long term sub binder.  I actually included one cover page that says "My Sub Binder" in case you just want to make a binder for a regular sub to keep in your room.

Have you ever planned for a long term sub before?  What is your best tip for those who are currently in the same situation?

OH....and if you aren't following me on instagram, here is the latest baby bump pic that you missed :)


  1. Congratulations! I had to plan for the first two weeks of school after having double knee surgery over the summer. The good news was my sub was someone who was familiar with our school and my classroom routine. I had planned to put a binder together during my recovery but physical therapy got in the way. I have the beginning of one. I have a section in my skeleton sub binder that includes class jobs how I assign them and a description of each job.

  2. It is definitely time for that sub binder:)! It is amazing! Thanks for sharing it. Now you can rest easy and wait for baby! Take care of yourself and baby - you are glowing, just beautiful:).

  3. Good luck with all that! Did you really have to plan all that for your sub for 3 months?! That's crazy. Here in New Zealand, if you're going to be away that long the sub does it all! They basically have your class, and it becomes theirs for that time - Then you have to pick up the pieces (not always haha) when you return. However in saying that, when you have a baby here in New Zealand normally you are gone for a year.
    By the way - ENJOY your time with the new bubs!! I hope everything goes smoothly for you :)
    The E-Z Class

  4. That's amazing...I just started my mat leave yesterday and I only had to leave 3 days of plans....thank goodness.
    Thinking of Teaching

  5. I love that you included examples of how you expect the student work to look like. Enjoy your time off with your little one!

  6. love love love the bump. I've appreciated all your classroom ideas. Enjoy your bundle of joy.

  7. You are so super organized!! I remember sitting among all my papers when I got to my 39th week and crying because I had no idea how to handle my time out of the classroom!

    Take care of yourself and the baby! It goes by WAY too fast. Mine is busy being a big boy kindergartener now. ;)

    Life In Middle School

  8. Congratulations on being so organized and ready :) You look beautiful in your picture, Stephanie!

    Fun in Room 4B

  9. Ummmmm ... thinking it's a GOOD thing you got those done. ;)

  10. Wow, that binder is amazing, ang holy moly that belly is beautiful!!! It definitely looks like time!


    Hodges Herald

  11. I have only had a long-term sub once. I went out on an anxiety leave in 2010 (and the class that caused this issue was so horrendous to my subs they had SEVEN different ones over the course of the rest of the year!). Contractually we only have to plan for a week. I left detailed plans for the first week and a "sketch" for the next month but it wasn't followed and honestly I knew I wouldn't be back to that school so I didn't fuss about it :(

  12. Wow, congratulations! You are super organized - your Long Term teacher will love you!! Good luck with your little one - I just returned to work after my 2nd MAT leave :)
    Doodling Around in 6th Grade

  13. This is awesome! I'll be going on 3 month leave in February so I'll definitely be looking back on this :) I am hoping to leave things as organized as possible too.

  14. I'm pretty jealous!! I was suppose to have the opportunity to meet with my interim teacher and go over information with her, but I went into labor 2 weeks early. It was also before school started, so I didn't get to set up my room completely. January will be stressful for me!! Oh well, I'm enjoying this precious blessing. Congrats to you!!

    School Days with Smith


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