Felt and Contact Paper

I shared these pictures with you on my last post, but I wanted to go into a bit more detail (since I was getting a lot of emails and questions about them!)  So here we go!

Years ago (my second year of teaching actually), I was a rover in a year round school.  Now, for those of you unfamiliar with what a rover is, basically I was the teacher in the triad of teachers who moved from classroom to classroom when the other tracks were off. Since I moved back and forth (every month!), I didn't have a permanent home.  No permanent home means that I really didn't have the ability to do my own bulletin boards.  I was stuck using what the off track teacher had chosen to put up in her room.

Now, if you know anything about me by now it is that I *need* to make my room look my "style".  It is part of my teaching DNA.  So not having control over the bulletin boards was HORRIBLE for me....and I simply couldn't take it.  To remedy this situation, I enlisted the help of my mother and we made roving boards out of felt to go right over top of the other boards.  They were FABULOUS!  I loved them....and I used them the following year when I wasn't even roving!

Then, I moved classroom sections and the boards didn't fit...so I stopped using them.  But last year, my teaching partner Kristi reignited my love of felt when she put it on her boards and I knew I needed the felt in my room this year.

I went to Joann's (which has a teacher discount program of 15% off!!  Whoo hoo!!  Click here for more details) and bought 10 yards of felt.  Then I moved on and bought 5 rolls of striped ribbon (all different colors...which is a DRASTIC departure for me!)

Putting felt up is super easy and it looks SO nice when it is done.  Here are my results:
The felt was really easy to put up.  I just used push pins to pull the fabric taught and then stapled with my regular stapler. The ribbon shows the staples a little bit too much, so if you are going to go that route, be sure to use as few staples as possible to keep the ribbon up.

When I was done, I had a ton of remnants left over.  I knew what I had to do with them.  I saw this pin on Pinterest and immediately got to removing the gosh awful tennis balls off the bottoms of my chairs and started rubber banding the felt on instead.  I used a 2" by 2" square and it covered the bottoms just fine. (though that was not super strict...I just sort of cut squares that I thought would work)  I attached the felt squares with rubber bands and they are good to go!  It took me a total of about 30 mins to do this entire process.

Still, I was left with pieces.  I cut them up and they are now a class set of whiteboard erasers!

I then went about covering my new small group table with black contact paper.  I think it looks nicer than the old grey table I had! This didn't take too long, but I did have to go a bit slowly to get the bubbles out.  The final step was to take these Brewster Wall Pops WPE93881 Peel & Stick Flirt Dry-Erase Dots with Marker, 3-Count I bought at Office Depot and stick them down. If you click on the link above though, it will take you to Amazon, and they have a ton of different colors to choose from.   My ottomans from Walmart (that I bought 3 years ago) are my chairs and I have a nice little small group area to work in!

And that is about it for what I have made this past week.  I am literally the slowest person on the planet right now (which is SUPER UNUSUAL for me...I am usually quite fast when it comes to getting things done.)  Hopefully next week I will get a bit more done!  :)


  1. FYI- Jo Ann's is having their Teacher Appreciation days August 10 & 11. On these two days teachers with current school ID can get 25% off!
    I know your boards are done (and they look GREAT!), Stephanie, but maybe other teachers can take advantage of this deal.
    Thanks for the tips and ideas!

  2. I'm slow right now as well, though not for a legitimate reason like you have :)

  3. The felt is brilliant! I'm going to get some tomorrow! Thank so much for the inspiration!
    Stop by my blog when you have a chance!
    NesliSecond Grade With The Teacher Wears Prada

  4. I just put the felt on my chairs as well today. I love how they glide now! Super easy and super cheap!

    Rambling About Reading

  5. I love that idea of putting felt on the chair legs....I'm going to have to do this!
    Thanks for sharing!


  7. You definitely added your own style to your room. And that is a great use of contact paper for the table top! That stuff is great for so many things.



  8. Does the felt hold up nicely all year long, or do you change it out? I might have to try this method!


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