Monsters University {a review}

Last weekend, I had the privilege of seeing a sneak peek of Monsters University at the El Capitan Theatre (which, if you are not from Southern California, it is MUST if you plan to visit Hollywood.  Such a fabulous theater)  I took my 6 year old daughter with me.  Here she is waiting for the film...with her 3D glasses on :)

This movie is a prequel to the 2001 release Monster's Inc.  While you don't have to see the first movie to appreciate this one, it helps.  Having some familiarity with the cast and how they eventually all end up, makes for a more fun experience (sort of like how I had been on Star Tours at Disneyland umpteen times, and had a ball, but it made SOOOOOOOO much more sense after I had seen Star Wars for the first time a few months ago.  Now I realize why everyone was cheering at certain parts on the ride ;) )


This movie follows Mike Wazowski and James Sullivan as they maneuver through college, intent on becoming scarers....the equivalent of the major sports stars in our world.  These are the big dogs everyone wants to be, and our two friends are no exception.  The underdog aspect of the movie, and the theme of finding your own way while sticking to your best attributes is one that I am sure our students can relate to.  There were many funny moments, lots of touching aspects, and some really memorable scenes.  My daughter and I both walked out of the theater with smiles, happy to have been there.

Honestly, though, I could have done without the 3D.  There was literally no need for it and, in general, 3D movies make my eyes hurt.  But that is neither here nor there about the actual movie itself ;)

Would I recommend this one?  Yes.  It was super cute and quite funny.  Plus, if you have seen the first one, it is always nice to have a little "back story" on it.  The official website has some fun little games you can play related to the here you go with a link to it ;)   It is really a nice summer movie for the whole family.

Are you planning on seeing this movie?  Why or why not?


  1. Can't wait to see it! But I'm like you though. I'm not a big fan of the 3-D. Blech :P

    Fifth in the Middle

  2. I grew up in LA, and I LOVED going to see Disney movies at El Capitan. I don't miss much about LA, but that is definitely one thing I do miss :)

  3. I plan on taking my granddaughters aged 4 and 7 next week when I go visit them!

  4. Have you seen the website that goes always with it? It is set up EXACTLY like a real university website! I did an activity with it from one of my counseling grad school classes. It's super cute!

    Third Grade in the First State

    1. I did see it! So cute! What was your activity with your grad school class?

  5. Can't wait to take my son to this movie. We just watched Monsters Inc. the other day. This will be his for experience in the theater.


  6. I can't wait to see it! I've always loved Monsters Inc. and am looking forward to seeing Monsters U. this Friday!

    Mary Kate
    Windy City Learning

  7. This is on our Summer-to-do List (when our summer vacation finally starts next Friday). I usually don't love 3D but I use the glasses in my classroom so I don't mind going to see a 3D movie just to get more glasses : ). Also looking forward to the Despicable Me sequel.

    Looking From Third to Fourth


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