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It is officially June....which means summer break for me is so close I can actually taste it.  Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE my job, but I also love the fact that we get a mental recharge at the end of it each year.  Ahh...the perks of being a teacher!

June 1st also means it is time for Oh Boy, 4th Grade's Currently and I thought I would link up (and post two posts a day apart....hasn't happened in quite some time in Room 6 ;) )  So without further is what I am doing Currently.

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I am currently obsessed with HGTV.  I think it is because we just moved (to a house that my family now actually fits in!  yay!!) but I can't get enough of this channel.  I love to marvel at the LOW cost of housing in places that are anywhere but where I live (and be stunned by the fact that the DOWN PAYMENT on my house was more than the entire cost of some of these houses on House Hunters).  I also love Love It or List It.  What a fabulous show!  My favorite part is when the homeowners get mad at Hilary because there is some wiring or structural issue in their own house.  Cracks me up!

This love affair with food and myself needs to come to an end.  I just can't pass anything up these days.  I blame the baby.  It is all his fault.  He really just loves donuts.  ;)

I also NEED to sleep the night through without one of my children coming in for something.  Usually it is my son, who is too cold or too hot or just wants snuggles (I know, so adorable...until it is 3am)  One night is all I need.  Is that too much to ask? that is all that is going on currently over here.  What is happening in your neck of the woods?


  1. First of all, I really love your blog design! Very classy! Second, what exactly is Love it or List It about? Never heard of it. We don't get HGTV here :( And, yes, I find it ridiculously hard to pass up on donuts even though I am most definitely NOT pregnant. Donuts are delicious. Thanks for sharing!

    Miss A's Kindergarten

    1. Love it or List it is this show where a family has a designer and a realtor come in. The designer remodels parts of the home and the realtor finds them a new one. At the end, they have to decide if they want to "Love it" and stay or "List it" and move. It is fabulous! :)

      And thank you for the compliments on the blog design. I love it too! (and will not be listing it ;) )

  2. My kids keep coming into our bedroom too. I think my son and daughter have a schedule of who gets to wake up and sleep with mom and dad then they switch the next night:( Congrats on the new baby! And good luck getting more sleep.

    The Busy Busy Hive

  3. Hello Sweet Stephanie:
    I am going to send you wishes that the end of school coincides with nights full of sleep!
    I also love Love It or List It. (Not sure why, but I am always hoping they love it!)
    There are doughnuts in my kitchen calling my name... Can I blame your baby too?

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HGTV! I'm into House Hunters, drooling at the exotic places and gorgeous homes and STUNNED by the price. Where I live housing is very inexpensive so when I watch HGTV and hear the cost of those home, my chin hits the floor and stays there. Blessings on the upcoming birth of your new child and good wishes for uninterrupted sleep!

    Ah, donuts... yum!

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    1. Oops! Tried something new and it didn't work...

      What I said was...that I always want them to LOVE it too! And you deserve a good night's rest:)

  6. HGTV is the best! I LOVE David Bromstad on Color Splash. I would love for him to be my best friend and redecorate my place. Between HGTV and The Food Network I watch WAY too much tv. Nom Nom Nom donuts! You should look up Voodoo donuts in Portland, Oregon and take a pilgrimage there. Donut heaven!

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  7. Funny that you love HGTV. I have a teacher friend who also used to be on one of their shows "Divine Design" by Candace Olsen. He told me that Americans LOVE HGTV more than Canadians! Up here no one knows him, but in the states everyone is wild about Andrew the painter guy! Funny! Thanks for making think about that! Donuts, ah, donuts. We don't get the good ones anymore up here North of the border. The huge chain Tim Horton's has killed donuts forever for me. They make them in a warehouse, freeze them and ship them to the stores. They taste like HOCKEY PUCKS, not donuts.
    Have a great Sunday! I hope you got to sleep in.

  8. Ha ha...I love donuts and I don't have a baby in my belly to blame...although at times, I may look like it....and that is why I am! I used to watch HGTV all the time and then stopped...don't know why......need to check it out again:) I am on summer break and would like to sleep past 5 but that's when my internal alarm wakes me Hoping you get some sleep soon:)))

    4th Grade Frolics

  9. I know what you mean about housing prices. When we lived in NYC, we would be shocked that people on HGTV shows were buying McMansions for so little. Good luck on getting that sleep--did you ever think you would treasure a single night's sleep so much before you had kids?!

  10. Congrats on your pregnancy! I haven't seen Love it or List it- I'll have to check it out, since it sounds interesting! Have a great summer!


  11. I'm obsessed with HGTV, too. So much so that I have to limit my intake :) Enjoy your excuse to eat, girl ;) I sure wish I had an excuse...but, sadly I do not...Here's to hoping tonight is the night you get your full night's sleep!

  12. HGTV is addictive, just like donuts. It's pretty bad when I keep watching the reruns as well. Have you watched Love It or List It Vancouver? It is the younger version with ipads, iphones, and younger hosts. The same thing happens though. The designer always get the brunt of unexpected things and the realtor finds something that is over budget. Gotta love it.
    Enjoy your summer. Good luck with the sleeping through the night bit.

    Charlene/Diamond Mom
    Diamond Mom's Treasury


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