Fabulous Feedback...is this you??

I have to say that the most rewarding aspect of being apart of TpT is the feedback I receive from all of you.  I love opening up those "You have Feedback" emails and reading what everyone writing.  Every once in a while, there is something that just stops me in my tracks though.  You all sure do know how to put me in a happy mood!  So, to honor some of that great feedback that you all took such thought and care to leave, I am linking up with Christina at Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge and sharing with you all two particularly smile inducing feedbacks I have received as of late.

The first was submitted just today!  It is from Jennifer Dixon about the Time for Math: Math Clock Creativity.  She writes:
I love this because I love the product so.  I too used it in my room and thought it really helped to bring out the best in my kiddos when showing me their number sense.  I am glad Jennifer was able to have the same result! 

The second feedback that had me just giddy was this one from Koonsk about the 4th Grade Spiral Math Homework.
You see, I create things that I think will benefit my own students.  I never know how others will receive them.  When I get feedback like this, I am just over the moon that I am not the only one who likes it :) 

Thank you so so so much to those of you who buy my things, read my blog, ask questions, provide suggestions, come to Facebook for advice and to chat.....you have made my year.  And if you are either one of the teachers above, please email me at TeachinginRoom6@yahoo.com for an extra special surprise :)

If you are looking for some new things to add to your teaching pile, and want some great feedback to read, head on over to the linky party and start clicking!

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  1. Such a great linky party! I couldn't agree more! There has been feedback that has brought me to tears!!! Thanks for sharing! :)

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