A Few More Foldables For You

I really like using foldables in my class.  They are just easy little information organizers that really grab my students' attention.  I use them in every subject, for everything we are doing.  Here are a few that we have used these past few weeks.

teachinginroom6.blogspot.com, education, blog, upper grade blogMath -- The Process of Division

We are learning about dividing larger numbers this week.  So I printed out this math problem for the students.  They folded the paper in half, cut along the numbers, and inside the flaps, the students wrote the steps for that particular part of the process.  This is just a review foldable, where they are keeping the pattern of the division process.  It goes in their math journals as a handy little reference tool for them.

5th grade blog, science, foldable, reading, writing, mathScience -- The Water Cycle

The students created this little 4 part foldable detailing the four main parts of the water cycle -- evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and collection.  On the outside, they drew a picture of that part of the cycle.  On the upper inside flap, they defined the particular process.  Then on the bottom inside flap, they wrote as many real life examples they could think of in which that event takes place.  For example, you can see that one of my students drew a picture of my Diet Pepsi can for condensation.  I had always shown then the condensation on the can when we were talking about it.  That picture cracked me up!

teaching in room 6 blog
Language Arts -- Myth Elements

We are learning about myths, so I had the students create this foldable with the 6 main elements we find in nearly all myths.  This was a paper that was folded in half first, then the top half folded down, and the bottom half folded up, creating a top and bottom effect where the cuts were made.  This allowed for information to be inserted on two different myths that the students read. 

So there you have it.  Just three simple foldables that we are using in class.   What have you used a foldable for lately?


  1. I love these examples and will be using your idea for the division one soon:) Thanks, Steph!

  2. I used a vocabulary foldable that I found here: http://www.lauracandler.com/strategies/balancedlit.php It's about halfway down. The kids really enjoyed it!

    Fifth in the Middle

    1. I love that one from Laura. I use it for root words each week. The kids love it too!

  3. I like to use foldables with my ELL's, because sometimes ELL's feel overwhelmed with the large amount of vocabulary they have to learn in all subjects. They can finish a foldable in one period of class and do it working collaboratively in small groups. Foldables contain only the most important information students need to master, this way they do not have to struggle with the text books. This is an excellent tool for mainstream teachers to make content accessible to ELL's. I did not think in a foldable for math, but I think I am going to use your idea of the division steps. It is going to help them a lot to remember the steps.

  4. Oh my I love these foldables! I can't wait to try these, esspecially in Math.. Thank you for sharing!

  5. I like these a lot Stephanie! I will be using the division one next week for sure, what a fantastic idea! Thank you, as always :)

  6. I use the same foldable with my kids to review the terms before we assess on Water Cycle...so funny to find out someone else does it the same way. I like your foldable for Long Division, I definitely pinned that for the future!

  7. LOVE the division one!!! Genius! We're making pattern foldables on candy corn tomorrow ... and I think I'm stealing your organ system / human body foldable early next week for science.

    Runde's Room

  8. I love your division foldable! I'll have to give it a try soon. I'm new to upper grades and love that the kids can make a foldable so easily. I've been using them in ELD to teach the parts of speech. Today we made a Noun foldable (person, place, thing, idea). I've also been using them in the math journals. My Foldables

    Surfing to Success

  9. I love the water cycle one... I have done one in the past, but have never thought to incorporate real life examples. The Diet Pepsi can example made me laugh, because my kids would likely do the same thing, but with a Dr. Pepper can!


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