My Fabulous Find

I have been working in my classroom the past few weeks and I have discovered something that I am IN LOVE with.  Have you tried these 3M Command Mini Hooks ?  They are GENIUS.

You probably remember this board from last year.  It is the "What are you Reading?" Board.  I am recreating it for my students this year, but I wanted to put it on my pass through door.  I really didn't want to hammer all of my little tacks into the door, and was looking for an alternative.  I came across these in Target and thought they might work.  When I took them to school and put them on the door, I was blown away by how great they were!  So easy....and when my kids finally did put their little rings/index cards up on them, it looked AMAZING!  I will get a picture of that soon for you.

I also wanted to hang some picture frames on my other door.  Command makes these other little sticker hook things that are equally as amazing.  Just stick and go.  What is amazing is that they all just pull off the wall without damaging the paint or putting holes into it.  I really am in love.  One bit of warning though....put stickies in all 4 corners.  I didn't at first, and one of the frames fell down :(  But it is all better now :)

And, no, Command didn't pay me to say this ;)  I just wanted to share my fabulous find with you.


  1. Thank you! This is just what I need to hang some certificates.

  2. I don't think I could live without Command hooks and stickies :)


  3. I just used the large command hooks on my computer monitors to hang student headphones. No more mess!


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