Brave....Are YOU Brave Enough?

I was lucky enough to be invited to see an advanced screening of this new Disney movie (at the Disney Studios no less!!) and I thought I would share my thoughts with you.  These opinions are my own, even thought I was invited :), Mrs. Moorman, 5th grade blog

Brave is a tale of a young princess who is torn between her mother's wish for her to stay true to her destiny, and her own longing to be true to herself.  Merida, the main character, is a fiery free spirit who wants to buck tradition and live life on her own terms.  Her mother, the Queen, tries to teach her the ways of a proper princess.  Pushed to the edge, and led to a witch by some magical wisps, Merida goes to great lengths to change her fate.  In the end, this story is a love story...between a mother and daughter.  This clip sums it up rather nicely.

Now, this movie is rated PG for a reason.  It really is scary.  There are some very large, very ferocious, very loud bears who take center stage for a good portion of the film.  Because of this, my 5 year old daughter spent a bit of time in my lap.  (On the whole though, she did love it....especially when the little kids in the movie run around naked.  She thought that was hilarious)  However, because of the PG rating, it is automatically out for a showing in my classroom.

What I think is most applicable to the classroom (because this is, after all, a teaching blog ;) ) was the digital short before the movie!  It is called "La Luna" and it is a PERFECT myth story to explain how the moon changes shape.  I LOVED it.  As a teacher watching this, I could see so many applications to my own classroom and study of the phases of the moon, as well as when we study myths and creation stories.  It was really great.  Here is a little clip of it.

On the whole, both my daughter and I enjoyed this movie (minus the scary parts ;) ) and I REALLY enjoyed the relationship that you see developing between Merida and the Queen. It is very special.  The animation on this film is also AMAZING!  It is so lifelike.  At times, you forget you are watching an animated film (until the people walk on) I also hope that when it comes out on DVD, the digital short is on there as well. I can't wait to show that to my class!


  1. Thanks! As a teacher with no kids of my own, I'm often in the dark about current movies. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I thought the movie was fantastic, as well. My daughters are 9 and 11 and were not frightened by the scenes with the bears. Like your daughter, the naked boys was their favorite scene. (I must admit, my husband and I guffawed at this scene - must be kids at heart...or maybe just that naked bottoms make everyone laugh). The message in this movie is inspiring and I'm glad I watched with my girls. The scary parts rule it out for showing in my classroom, too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. My band played for the preview party last Monday at Hollywood and Highland, so we got to see tons of Brave-related things, but not the movie. I'm going to try to see it in the next week or so.

  4. Thanks for the review. My kids often make some of their greatest connections to books through movies they have watched.
    I have a question for you from your root word blog that I read last night. You recommended Red Hot Root Words #1. After reading the other reviews on Amazon, some thought #2 was better because it included all of #1 plus more. Are you familiar with the second book? Amazon is loving me because of your recommendations...

    1. Hi Joanie! I am not sure about #2, as I only have #1 :) But, since #1 is good, and the second one has more....maybe that is the one to go with. :)

  5. It's on my list to watch this week. thanks for the review


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  6. I am so glad you shared your opinion of this movie. I was thinking of taking my son (3 years old) to it but now I won't. He has never been to the theater so I want to take him but I am scared the bear would be scary so I will have to find another movie to take him to.


  7. It sounds like a great movie! We can't show anything but G movies in our classrooms. :)


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  9. Try again...

    I did enjoy the movie, but I think when I have told people about it I spend more time sharing about La Luna! My favorite Pixar short....want to go again, just to see that part. Adorable.

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