Test Prep 180: Hi Tech Test Prep

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I am a big fan of Test Prep all year long (as you can tell from some of my posts!).  Engaging the kids in learning the genre of Test Prep is one of my priorities as a teacher.  Since they HAVE to take The TEST, I might as well make it intriguing, engaging, and....dare I say it...fun!

Using the computer is always a great way to motivate students.  My friend, Rachel Reyna, of Fisher-Reyna Education, is offering fans of Teaching in Room 6 an offer we simply can not refuse.  She asked me if I thought my fans might like to use her Hi Tech Test Prep program and I jumped at the chance.  She is giving us exclusive access to ALL of the lessons, materials, and information from now until May 2012.

To access your membership go to:

Click on "School" account
Then login. 
test prep comprehensionOur login is the blog name with no spaces: teachinginroom6
For more information, click here to access the welcome letter Rachel wrote for us.   

Please take advantage of this amazing offer!  It really is a great program, and I am SO excited to be able to use it in my own classroom. 


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