You Know You're a Teacher When.... come home from school wearing a rubber band around your wrist like it is a bracelet!

Rubber bands are the new silver, didn't you know?  I seriously do this all.the.time.  I never seem to get my rubber bands back into their drawers.  No wonder I never know where they are when I actually need one.  Oh, wait, yes I do.  They are on my wrist.  ;)

Thank you Jeannie at Kindergarten Lifestyle for hosting this fun linky party!  Head on over to check more "You Know You're a Teacher When...." ideas.

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How do you know YOU are a teacher?


  1. and I'm soooo guilty of the pony tail holder on my wrist every day at school!

  2. Too funny :-) My favourite bracelet is a roll of masking tape!

    1. Yes! I have masking tape on my wrist pretty regularly! HAHA

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  3. yep I either have it on my wrist or in my hair!

    thanks for joining my linky party Stephanie!! I love your blog!!

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  4. I actually come home with the dry erase markers in my pockets. LOL

  5. Oh yes so true! I am loving this linky party!


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