Verb Foldable!

In class, we are studying verbs and their tenses.  Easy enough...well unless you start talking about irregular verbs, then all sort of uneasiness starts occurring.  But that isn't really the point of this post....back to the topic....

The standards in 5th grade specifically mention that the students know the difference between some commonly misused verbs....the dreaded lay-lie, rise-raise, and sit-set!  <insert dramatic music here>

These words seriously give *me* a run for my money.  So today, we created a foldable that seemed to work in at least getting the students to see the difference between the words.

On the right, I had the students write the words that involve HUMANS (in some way).  Lie, sit, raise.  Then on the left side, they wrote the words that involve OBJECTS (in some way).  Lay, set, rise.

When they opened the flap, I wanted them to be able to see the word, a definition, and its use, so I organized it with the information not underneath the flap of the actual word, but underneath the opposite word.  That way, they would be able to see the actual word there plain as day, with the actual information they need to know.  (that totally makes sense in my if the explanation didn't quite translate, I am is a picture to help you see it ;) )

Tomorrow we will add the conjugations of the verbs on the outside of the foldable in their notebook, but for today, this was our end product!

Incidentally, Dinah Zike is the creator of Foldables and has some AMAZING books with all the different Foldables in them.   Here are just a few of her books.


  1. This is a great idea! I like how the kids can organize the info and draw the picture to go with it to help them remember!

  2. I'm pretty sure I need the one for lay/lie! My boyfriend makes fun of me constantly because I always use "lay". I just tell him it's a regional thing. :)

  3. This is cool! I am in to using interactive notebooks now so the foldable idea is definitely on my brain!! What else do you use foldables for? I saw the link for the resource book on foldables, Im going to check it out.


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