What Are You Reading?

Over the summer, I discovered Pinterest and I quickly became an addict.  During one of the many hours I sat glued to the computer screen being "productive", I came across an idea to help the students keep track of their reading (which has since been taken down by the user...so I can't link you to the original idea)

I LOVED the idea, and I took it to use in my classroom.

Each student is assigned a space on our "What Are You Reading?" Board.

They have an index card and a small binding ring (you know, the silver ones that open and close to hold things).

These are hanging above my library...keeping everything "reading" together ;)

When a student begins a new book, he writes the title of the book, the author, and draw a picture dealing with the first few chapters on the front of the index card.

As the student finishes the book, he writes a summary, a connection, or anything relevant to the story on the lined backside of the card.  This then becomes a permanent record of each students' reading, and also serves as "recommendation" of sort for the other students. 

The students have really taken to this way of recording their reading.  They use their "May Do" time during Independent Work Time to fill in new cards, complete old cards, or just browse the cards of their fellow students.  At this point in the year, they each have about 5 cards on their ring.  We can only hope to get to our goal of 20 cards (representing 20 books) each by the end of the year!


  1. Thank you Fisher Reyna Education! Thank you also for visiting :)

  2. I love this! I have been using a reading log for their SSR time, but this is so much better plus it allows the other students to use this to get ideas about books if they cannot figure out what they want to read next. Thanks so much!

  3. Reading this from the link in today's post, and love this! Thanks for including the link in your current post!

  4. I have to do this. My problem is figuring out where to put them. All of my students have read one book now, The Birchbark House, so that will be a great place to begin. Thank you for all your wonderful ideas! -Mo

    (Are you using a modified 40 book challenge from The Book Whisperer? If so, do you ask students to read from a variety of genres? Can you let me know what you are doing for asking the students to read 20 books this year? Thanks!)


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