Sunday Pinspiration

Over the summer, I discovered the amazing timesucking resource known as Pinterest.  I quickly became addicted and found myself pinning idea after idea after idea.  After about a month of pinning, I decided that I should actually *make* one of the things I was pinning. 

This post is dedicated to two of those early projects.

 This is *the very first* Pin that I aspired to recreate for my classroom.  I saw it and knew that it would be perfect for my classroom.  Since Vista Print was having a sale (and my love of Vista Print grows), I immediately hopped on it and created this poster, which now hangs on my wall.

Now that we are 1/3 of the way into the year, the banner is not clean and white anymore.  It is filled with many of the things we have learned this year in 5th grade.  The students remind me daily that we need to add something to this banner.  (Since my mind can't remember ANYTHING anymore it seems!)   They really like having the record of their learning.  It has become a sort of badge of honor for the to get their idea up on the wall. 

The second Pinspiration I will share with you today is my rule hanger.  The pin on the left, helped inspire my own version (on the right).  Now mine isn't as cute at the pink one, but the overall color scheme of my room is I went with it ;)

And there you have it, my Sunday Pinspiration. Next week, I will post a few more.

Have you made anything you saw on Pinterest?  Please post your pictures and let me see!  I LOVE to be Pinspired!

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  1. Hi Stephanie ~ I love the 100 idea and I happen to think your Rule Hanger is fabulous. Is it handwritten or typed? The font is great. I think the bigger and bolder black type might even make it easier to read. At any rate, it is much more charming than hanging a poster, and I think I'm going to make one too. Thanks for the inspiration! ~ Mia


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