A New Spin on the Word Wall

Piggybacking on the Root Word Study Post, I thought I would post about how I am using my word wall this year.  I have converted it from a traditional word wall, to a "Root Word Wall".  Each time my students learn a new root, I add the circle maps we create to the wall.

The wall is also low to the ground.  This gives the students easy and constant access to the wall. 

As you can see, the Circle Maps are quite big.  As we learn more roots, I am going to switch the old ones out with smaller cards, but for now, it is working for both myself and my students.

I have also created a game that goes along with our study of the root words.  Click here to read about it!


  1. I love this idea, you could also store the larger circle maps into a binder in which students always have access...

  2. So your sample goes on the board for display - for the whole year? Would you need a larger display area for all of them? Do the students make one as well? Do they use a template, keep them in a notebook...or is there just one class version? I love this!!


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