Holiday Project to Share!

This week was our last week before winter break.  We spent a majority of the week finishing up our Oregon Trail unit, practicing our recorders for the holiday show, and continuing with our Mixtures and Solutions unit in science.

However what I am most thrilled about this week is the parent gift project we were working on.  It is simply magnificent (if I do say so myself!)  As the kids were finishing them, I couldn't take my eyes off the final product.  (I love it so much, I am actually making a similar version as grandparent gifts with my own children.)

I modeled this project after those personalized frames you can purchase that have letter cutouts to put pictures in.  Since I didn't have the time, or money, to get frames for each of my students, I thought we would create them.  Here is the final product:
Holiday Project for upper elementary school students to create for their parents

I told you they were awesome ;)

Here is a step by step of the process we went through to make these.

The students started by creating the block letters for their name.  I gave them each a piece of paper with three 3x4 rectangles on them.  The students drew guide bars in, and then drew their letters.

As you can see, I gave them a sheet with all of the block letters on the so they could have a visual to use.  I got that sheet here:

Once all of the letters were drawn, the students then drew (using crayon or colored pencil, no marker) pictures of their family.  They used the ENTIRE block, not just the area the letter took up.  They could draw one image or a series of images, however each letter was supposed to be one little snapshot into what made their family unique.

The students then cut each letter out.  Some of the image was left back in the square...that is ok.  It made each letter unique and have a "flow".

Students glued each letter onto a large, long, rectangular sheet of white tagboard.  The tagboard was cut to the length of their name.  For those who had exceptionally long names, we just glued two pieces of tagboard together.

Finally, the students outlined their names in black marker.

I backed and then laminated them.  I LOVE this project.  Simply LOVE.  I can't wait to do it again!


  1. So cute! I can't wait to do this with my class.

  2. Can you describe how they were able to draw the block letters? I am confused on how they all look so perfect.

    1. The students used the guide sheet I gave them. It helps then to create the letters. The guide sheet is linked above.

  3. The guide sheet did not open... This looks great!!


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