Vista Print

Vista Print is an amazing website I discovered two summers ago.  It is a printing site for businesses, making business cards, banners, t-shirts...all things you would want to promote your business.  They are always offering free items, and boy, did I take advantage of that!  Many of the items I use in class my class have been printed at Vista Print, all for the price of shipping.  Sometimes, I do go in and pay for items, because they are just that good.  I *heart* Vista Print!

Below are all of the things that I have made on Vista Print.  Some I use ALL.THE.TIME.  Others, not so much.  But I will tell you this, I love it all!

Here is a blog post I made about how I use the birthday items I created.

Teachers, if you have a link to your Vista Print creations, I would love to add it to this page.  Please email me the link, and I will be sure to include it for other teachers to get inspiration for their own Vista Print creations.

Postcards (both oversized and standard)  Every single one of them are used in my room.

Business Cards    All of these are used in my classroom.  I find them incredibly good for rewards for the students.
This one is VERY popular with my students

Stamps      These stamps are the small ones.  I use the homework one (both English and Spanish) and the "Checked by Mrs. Moorman" CONSTANTLY.  I don't know what I did before I had these!

I made one in spanish as well.  Used daily.


Other Things I use ALL the time     These are just some of my other many creations that really are useful to me.  I use these ALL of the time in my class.

The pages of this notepad have been laminated onto a red folder to go home each day a child is absent.  All of the make up work is inside the folder.

This postcard is the front cover of their check register

Contact magnet for the parents to put on their refrigerator.

Stick note rubric.  Makes my grading life SO much easier!