Language Arts

This page is a collection of all the language arts topics I have created a post about.  They are listed alphabetically and will take you directly to the post.
Fluency Practice -- video
Reading Logs -- a downloadable reading log to use 
Reading Olympics Projects
Student Book Recommendations 
Teacher Professional Development Recommendations 
Theme -- helping the students to find the theme in a story
What are You Reading? -- recording our reading in class

Reference Book Wednesday -- The ins and outs of reference books

Response to Literature
The Important Book -- Looking a main idea and detail through this book
Thinking Maps -- Showing Evidence

Spelling and Vocabulary
Morning Message 
Root Word Memory Game -- a game I created to help the kids practice G/L Roots
Root Word Study -- Helping the students learn Greek and Latin roots
Word Wall -- a new twist on the old Word Wall

 Taking A Stand -- Writing an "I Am" poem from someone else's point of view

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