Calendar Math you are probably wondering why this math topic is getting its own page.  Well, let me tell you...Calendar Math deserves it.  It deserves an entire blog, but a dedicated page will have to do.

Calendar Math, something I have created from materials that I have complied over the years, is BY FAR the most useful thing we do in mathematics all year.   This standards based program is THE thing that I will shout out across the rooftops, hoping all teachers within earshot take heed of.  It is just *that* good.

The basic idea of Calendar Math is that the students see the key standards they need to learn in 5th grade (or 4th or 3rd or 2nd or 1st) on a daily basis.  The students practice fractions, decimals, division, place value, algebra, graphing, prime and composite numbers, and many more 5th grade standards.

As a teacher, I can see the growth in the students as we progress through the calendar each day.  Standards which can be tricky to learn, become old hat and even *easy* for them.  It is an immensely useful learning tool that I am proud to implement in my classroom.

So now that my preaching about it is over, you are probably wondering what exactly Calendar Math is and how you can implement it in your class. Here are my indepth blog posts about it.  These were written to give you the big picture, as well as the practical, day to day, HOW TO of Calendar.

Calendar Math -- The Basics

The Routine

The First Week

The Pictures

The Video